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Dreaming Up

The Dream Machine


 After releasing the 2012 - The Life - EP as Pennyweight Rising and letting the dust settle from that project it was 2 years later and the next batch was ready!


It could never be a follow up as things had to change.


Inspired by his friend and drummer Steve McCormack, Dave returned to his ideal of recording this material with the one person he knew it was written for, David Brown. David currently still in Gloucester Massachusetts is producing as well as playing his unique unemulated style of guitar on the album. With a random phone call between two continents

"The Dream Machine" was settled upon and hauntingly the pre existing artwork for the album cover fell into place...completing the puzzle and awakening the young boy from his dream!! The 2017 album "Dreams Come True"came to life.

Now "The Dream Machine" comprising a unique blend of quality musicians look forward to bringing you the next  album in 2019 

The Dream Machine is:  Scott Corry - Lead Guitar & Vocals

                                         Doug Aitofi - Bass Guitar & Vocals

                                         Scott Ricketts - Keyboard/Piano/Harmonica/ Guitar & Vocals

                                         Matt 'Styx' Tonks - Drums/Percussion & Vocals

                                         David Brown - Producer/Guitarist


The Dream Machine


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The Dream Machine

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