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Dave Tonks

2016  saw a lifelong dream that actually came true, but as we know, you have to work hard to make your "Dreams Come True".

With the ever developing internet and social media the availability to connect with people around the world has brought together a young boy and his idol. I speak of myself & Mr David Brown.

David best known for his tenure as Billy Joel's lead guitarist from 1978 to 1992 spanning 13 platinum albums and the cult like following of his 1981 appearance in the Simon & Garfunkel classic "Concert in Central Park" David has also worked with Paul McCartney, Julian Lennon, Pheobe Snow.

DB is both Guitarist & Producer for the Dream Machine of which he named! So "YES"  Dreams Come True!

Fast Forward to 2019 the Covid Years - Nothing, Zip, Zilch..Bugger All.

Except for the growing need to Get Back!

2022 - Get Back we did, after life throwing a few curve balls we took that emotion reformed and rejuvenated some lingering songs and together with Matt wrote a bunch of new songs, now completing the 2023 release of the aptly named album....."ONE WAY TUNNEL".

Again with Dream Machine founder DB, and having enlisted Matt on Drums  & Mark DÁngelo Bass, Keys & Backing Vocals.

One Way Tunnel takes you on a Journey, of which there is no turning back!


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