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David Brown

Stinging, singing, sweet silky guitar magic...

where the music comes FIRST...

Tasteful, seasoned, and textured, master guitarist David Brown carries with him a significant piece of pop music history. Born in the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, he aimed his career sights on New York City in the mid 70's and soon became one of mainstream pop's most sought-after commodities. Starting with “52nd Street”, David recorded a string of 13 platinum albums, touring the world over with legendary pop singer-songwriter Billy Joel.

In addition to his years of touring and recording with various icons such as Paul McCartney, Phoebe Snow, Dr. John, Peter, Paul & Mary, Julian Lennon, Graham Parker, Bob James, Garland Jefferies and others, David Brown has become equally well-known for his performance on the 1982 album (and video) "Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park". Check the videos out on the media page.

Says Fly Amero of Orleans, “To my knowledge, there are only three guitarists in all of pop music history who might be considered so unique and original as to be utterly unprecedented and unemulated: Les Paul, Mark Knopfler and David Brown.”

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