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Matt Tonks


Drummer & Skins Thumper for DT & The Dream Machine.

I started in Dave Tonks and The Dream Machine after I fought 20 other auditioning drummers to the death for the spot by applying my Capoeira, I used my finisher the Roe Sham Bo to clinch the deal! 

OK that's a Furphy, but none the less I've had to earn my place and did that back in 2018.

 I have been playing drums for 13 Years and still cannot get the tempo right, but I will make you feel the music and I'll make you Move & Groove.

I've already recorded one single with Dave Tonks, NOW we have our NEW ALBUM with some numbers that I co-wrote with DT.

I also have plenty more upcoming in the near future as well with my own singles & album already in the pipeline.

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